Geek Squad Renewal

Geek Squad is a team of professional agents that the customer to handle the range of services for a variety of devices. The customers can subscribe to the Geek Squad plans and enjoy uninterrupted services using the renewals every time on its maturation. The professional hand on services helps you to manage the device timely and make it run like a pro. Geek Squad Renewal can be automatic or manual depending on the choice of the customer. You can check for the automatic renewal at the time of subscribing to the protection plans. The renewal extends the warranty and provides overall coverage to your device.

How do I renew my Geek Squad?

Geek Squad Renewal improves the product’s life and performance of the device under expert and skilled professionals. It optimizes the device and products for your home, office, and outdoor to make it function appropriately and increase its life span. Moreover, it charges a low cost for all the services under the plan. You can renew every plan and cover up a range of devices such as electronics, computing, networking, kitchen appliances, electronics, and electrical gadgets, smart devices, outdoor devices, and much more. To Renew the Geek Squad protection, follow the steps below:

  • Geek Squad Automatic Renewal

To renew the Geek Squad plan, you can check the checkbox corresponding to your service at the time of subscription and payment of the plan. Geek Squad provides you an offer to apply for the automatic renewal at the time of subscribing to the service. So, you can enjoy uninterrupted services for the long life of your device. The system will automatically renew your plan at the time of maturation and deduct the renewal charges from the payment card you use at the time of subscription.

  • Geek Squad Manual Renewal

If the user does not choose to renew the plan automatically during the subscription, then you can opt for the manual renewal services. You can apply for renewal of the plan during the time of maturation for extending the protection services. So, you need to open up your account and go for the renew option. After that, proceed with the renewal payment using your card and complete the process successfully.

Does Best Buy Geek Squad Auto-Renewal?

Best Buy Geek Squad plans are subjected to auto-renewal if the customer chooses the “automatic renewal” at the time of subscribing to the plan. So, the customer can keep their protection active by the automatic renewal. Moreover, it helps to extend the services without taking any headache of the plan maturation. Whenever the plant matures, it gets renewed automatically and the protection of your device continues under the professional approach. The expert technicians and engineers are always present for your help without any hassle of renewing the services. The Best Buy Geek Squad Renewal provides various benefits such as:

  • Uninterrupted professional services
  • No requirement to note the maturation time
  • Professional services at your doorstep
  • Extended warranty
  • Low-cost services
  • Full coverage for a longer period
  • 24X7 expert services
  • Wide support for the gadgets
  • Exchange and Replacement benefits

What is the Best Buy Renewal Charge?

Best Buy Geek Squad offers a low cost for its renewal services. You can enjoy the renewal under your budget depending on the protection plan subscription. For the annual membership plan, the Geek Squad Renewal charges are as low as $199.99. Every subsequent renewal cost the same charges after it expired the plan.

For the automatic renewal of the services, the system will deduct the renewal charges automatically from the card details that you use earlier for the payment process. In the case of manual renewal, you need to add the card details to pay the renewal charges.

Best Buy Geek Squad Renewal Services

There are a lot of services that the customers can avail of at Geek Squad. These are the professional and expert services for the extended warranty of the device. The team of skilled technicians and engineers is always ready to manage and protect your device from various faults, failures, and errors. Furthermore, there is coverage and device maintenance on daily basis. Also, there are certainly other services under the renewal such as:

Tune-Up ServicesThe Geek Squad officials use the latest tools and techniques to optimize the performance of the device.
Device MaintenanceThe renewal includes the complete maintenance of the device under expert help.
Diagnosis and RepairGeek Squad Renewal also includes the diagnosis and repair services for all the devices under the protection plan.
Complete Checkup of deviceThe extended warranty includes the complete checkup and maintenance.
ProtectionExpert protection services for all the devices to make the device run like a pro
Setup and InstallationFree Setup and installation services for the devices under the protection plan
Theft detection and RemovalIt also helps to detect theft attacks, viruses, and malware and to remove it from the system using high standardized tools.
ShieldingShielding of sensitive data and official documents

How to Renew your Geek Squad Plan?

Geek Squad Renewal is a quick and easy process to apply. For the renewal, you need to first subscribe to the protection plan and wait for its maturation. At the time of maturation, you need to renew the plan and then extend the protection services. To renew the Geek Squad Plan, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Firstly, apply for the Geek Squad protection plan as per the device and services you wish to apply for.
  • After that, enjoy the protection services and then apply for the Geek Squad Renewal.
  • To renew the plan, firstly open your account and sign in using your credentials.
  • After that, go to settings and click on the Renew button.
  • Proceed with the payment process and complete it securely.
  • You will receive a success message on the screen.
  • Finally, you can now enjoy uninterrupted services for your protection plan.

The experts are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The professional agents provide quality and reliable services for all the faults, failures, and errors.

How do I transfer a Plan?

Best Buy Geek Squad provides easy transfer of the plans to another party. If you are gifting the device or selling it to someone, then you can also transfer the plan along with it. There are no additional charges required to transfer the plan along with the device. You just need to show the person’s name to which you want to transfer the plan.

You can transfer the plan to anyone, either locally or remotely. For this, you need to connect with the Geek Squad expert agent at their official phone number 1800-433-5778. Tell the agent about the product and the protection plan you are using. After that, submit the details of the person to which you want to transfer the plan. After a successful transfer by the agent, the person can enjoy unlimited services associated with the device and the protection plan.

How do I make a claim?

Filing a Geek Squad claim is a direct and quick process that you can complete in three simple steps:

  1. Submit Product Details

Firstly, you need to provide the details of the product for which you wish to file a claim. Also, collect all the documents and accessories of the product. The customer needs to call the agent on the toll-free phone number at 1800-433-5778. You can also chat with the agent online and provide the product details.

  • Submit the Problem Details

Secondly, you need to submit the details of the problem you are facing. Enter the complete details of the issues with the device. Also, mention the service requirements for the same.

  • Verifying Contact Details

Lastly, submit and confirm the contact details including the plan documents.

After that, you can wait for the claim confirmation by the department. The Geek Squad officials will respond to the claim and handle the services accordingly.

What is covered under my Plan? (What is covered under my Geek Squad Protection Plan?)

Geek Squad provides tremendous services under its protection plan. It provides professional and expert solutions for all the devices under the plan. You can call the agent or chat online to avail of these services from the expert agents. The professional and skilled expert agents also allow you to book the services flexibly. The member of the plan can apply for either an in-home appointment or an in-store appointment for the services. It covers various services under the protection plan such as:

  • Setup and Installation services ‘
  • Professional Repairing services
  • Replacement services
  • Diagnoses and Maintenance
  • Theft detection and removal services
  • Easy transfer of plans
  • Low-cost In-home scheduling services
  • Remote Tune Services
  • Flexible and priority scheduling

Geek Squad Services for a Range of Devices


Dish WashersGas RangesRefrigeratorGas Cook TopsElectric Cook Top
Electric Wall OvenGas Wall OvenElectric Slide-In RangeAir ConditionerTrash Compactor
Washing MachineGas DryerElectric DryerGarbage DisposalWarming Drawer

TV & Home Theater

SetupMountingVideo DevicesAll TVsSound Bar
A/V ReceiverA/V ProcessorWall SpeakersCeiling Speaker 

Cell Phones

MobilesTabletsSmart PhonesApple Care 

Computers & Tablets

accessoriesWI-FI SystemsModemsRoutersProcessors

Wearable Technology

SmartwatchestrackersSmart machinesSmart RingsSmart Bracelets

Portable Audio

SpeakersCD PlayersHeadphonesMedia PlayersPortable Radio
BluetoothMusic Playersaccessories  

Car, Marine & Power sports Electronics

Marine ProductsMotorcycle ProductsOff-Road ProductsSport Equipment 

Gaming & VR

Video gamesGaming consoleGaming accessoriesMountingsVR devices

Health & Fitness

Fitness EquipmentHealth TrackerBikesMachines 

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