Geek Squad Protection Plan

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Geek Squad Protection Plan – Geek Squad Extended Services and Warranty for Devices

Geek Squad’s professional team provides the best-in-class services to its customers by handling every glitch that may occur within the device. You can demand unconditional services from the expert technician just by calling on the Geek Squad phone number. The agents will help you to diagnose the problem and provide the best solution for the services. There is unlimited help and guidance for all the devices at your home, office, and business devices. The customer can apply for the Geek Squad Protection plan and get unlimited services under it. It is the most reliable way to handle glitches at a low cost.

What is Standard Geek Squad Protection?

Standard Geek Squad 5-year protection services include the extended warranty for your device and products and enhance its life by providing expert solutions to every problem within the devices. It is a five-year protection service for the device in which the user can enjoy unlimited expert services like repair, replacement, maintenance, protection, etc for the devices. There are various features of this plan such as:

  • 24X7 Expert Services
  • Free Setup and Installation services
  • No hidden charges and no extra labor cost
  • Expert repairing solutions
  • Reinstallation services
  •  Easy transfers
  • Workmanship guarantee on all repairs
  • Priority services on call or chat

Why Choose Geek Squad Protection Plan?

Geek Squad has always been the best in the industry for delivering professional services by expert and skilled agents. Geek Squad Protection plan is best suited for customers who require quick, spontaneous, and reliable services. The plan covers the entire protection and maintenance of the device. You can demand any type of service under this plan. So, if you apply for the protection plan, then you do not have to think about any other service requirements. All the services are covered under the plan. Moreover, these services are handled by the industry’s expert agents. The team of professionals is qualified and has years of training to handle the device at its best. They can help you to maintain the device and make it run like a pro.

Geek experts provide priority services, whether in-home or in-store to the customers who are members of the plan. You do not have to wait for the service. Moreover, the plan provides you with various other benefits and offers all the services so that you can enjoy every service at a minimum cost.  

Advantages of Geek Squad Protection Plan – What are the Benefits of Geek Protection

Geek services have always proven to be the most reliable and efficient as they all are under the hands of the industry’s professional technicians and engineers. Geek protection services are helpful in various ways to the customers such as:

  • Unlimited help and guidance from the professional expert.
  • Quick repairing solutions
  • Free replacement services
  • No hidden charges for the repairs
  • Free security and protection services
  • Hardware services
  • 24X7 expert solutions
  • 20% off on advanced services and repairs
  • Low cost for in-home services or bookings
  • Expert services on diagnoses and troubleshooting
  • Coverage for a large number of devices
  • No waiting time
  • Power failure coverage
  • Quality check and control

So, all these services make the Geek Squad the best to deliver its protection plan. Apart from these services, there are additional benefits in terms of offers that the user can enjoy timely.

Various Types of Geek Squad Protection Plans

Geek Squad provides four protection plans. The customers can enroll in these plans depending on their device’s needs and requirements. These plans compensate for a large number of devices and their respective services. The customer can choose the plan depending on the device it is using and the services it wants. So, Geek Squad offers various plans such as:

  1. Geek Squad Total Protection Plan – This plan provides 24×7 exclusive and personalized services for the device and includes total work coverage. This Plan extends the benefits of the manufacturer’s warranty for more time.
  2. Geek Squad Protection Replacement Plan – The Geek Squad Protection Replacement Plan covers the replacement of the device for free if it does not qualify for the repair. It includes the entire replacement of the device under the plan.
  3. Geek Squad Protection With Accidental Damage – This plan covers all the damages that may be due to some accident or wrong handling of the device. It helps you to avoid any costly repairs and replacements. It covers up any wear and tear, screen damage, hardware damage, and much more.
  4. Geek Squad Home Membership – Geek Squad Home Membership covers every appliance and device that is present in your home. It does not apply only to the products purchased from the Geek Squad. Rather, it applies to all the devices at home. You can demand any service for any product, device, or appliance at your home.
  5. Accidental Damage Plan – Accidental damage protection plan, covers up the damages caused by any happening or incident with the device. It includes professional repairing and protection services. The plan helps the customers to handle and avoid costly repairs and replacements.

For each plan, you need to first follow up with the subscription and activation process. After that, you can enjoy unlimited services under your plan just by calling the agent on the toll-free phone number. The members of the plan can avail any service throughout the day or night. The services are open up 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How Good is Geek Squad Protection?

There is a range of quality services under the protection plans. These services are open up for the entire validity of the plan, such as for 3 years, five years, or annually. It provides extended benefits to the device and makes it run longer with full maintenance. The expert handles timely checking of the device and maintains its quality so that it may not face any problems.

Geek Squad Protection plans are good enough to cover up the full diagnosis and repairing of the device under the hands of a professional technician. It provides spontaneous services by removing all the faults and failures of the device and making it run like a new one. You only need to contact the agent, either online or offline and demand the service. The agent will come to your place and provide professional solutions, help, and guidance for the device that is covered under the plan. So, it is better to apply for the Geek Squad plan to increase the life of the product

Service Offered by Geek Squad Protection – What Does Geek Squad Membership Includes?

There is a bundle of services that the customer can enjoy under its protection plan. The unlimited services by professional agents provide an extended warranty to the device and increase its life. Moreover, these services are flexible as per the needs and convenience of the customers. Various services are as follows:

  • Setup and Installation services ‘
  • Professional Repairing services
  • Replacement services
  • Diagnoses and Maintenance
  • Theft detection and removal services
  • Easy transfer of plans
  • Low-cost In-home scheduling services
  • Remote Tune Services
  • Flexible and priority scheduling

How much is a Geek Squad Protection Plan?

Geek Squad provides low-cost services for all of its protection plans so that everyone can avail these plans easily. The plans are customer friendly and flexible as per the requirements of the user. It provides flexible and reliable services to the users by providing pocket-friendly prices for the plans with extra benefits and services. Geek Squad Protection cost starts at as low as $19.99 and goes up to $1450 depending upon the services and the devices you choose.

The standard price starts from $24.99 per user for one month and the advanced price starts from $49.99 per user for one month. There are various services under the standard and advanced plans. The pricing may vary depending on the device or the plan you choose. The annual plan may cost $199.99 per year for a maximum of six devices. It suits well for a small business organization. Geek Squad Protection Service charges are as below:

Device Cost1 Year Geek Squad Protection Plan2 Year Geek Squad Protection Plan2 Year geek Squad Protection Plan (Paid Monthly)Service Fees
$0 – $49.99$15.99$24.99N/A$9.99
$50 – $99.99$19.99$39.99N/A$19.99
$100 – $149.99$29.99$79.99N/A$29.99
$150 – $199.99$39.99$79.99N/A$39.99
$200 – $249.99$49.99$84.99N/A$49.99
$250 – $299.99$59.99$89.99N/A$69.99
$300 – $349.99$69.99$109.99N/A$79.99
$350 – $399.99$79.99$119.99N/A$89.99
$400 – $449.99$89.99$129.99N/A$109.99
$450 – $499.99$99.99$149.99N/A$119.99
$500 – $799.98N/A$169.99$8.99$149.99
$799.99 – $1199.99N/A$169.99$8.99$199.99
$1200 & aboveN/A$219.99$10.99$199.99

How do I use my Geek Squad Protection Plan?

To use the protection plan, you need to inform the company’s agent by connecting with them either online or offline. There are various ways to connect with the Geek Squad agent and use the protection plan services, these are:

  • Calling the agent on the toll-free phone number and availing of the plan services.
  • Chat with the online agent at the official Geek Squad website.
  • Email the agent for the plan services you wish to use.
  • Connect with the agent on various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Visit the store near your place and ask for the plan service.

Does Geek Squad Protection Cover Accidental Damage?

Geek Squad Protection Plan covers up most of the accidental damages to the device such as those of wrong handling, wear and tear water damage, and much more. It enhances the manufacturer’s warranty and repairs the device from normal wear and tear the product. Under accidental damage, it handles the product services under the power failure or lightning strike. So, you can depend on professional experts for the repair service in case of any accidental damage such as:

  • Power surges or fluctuation
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Wrong handling damages
  • Battery issues
  • Screen damages or bad pixels
  • Damage due to internal heat, dust, and humidity
  • Failure due to normal use of the device
  • Accidental spills on the device
How does Geek Squad Product Replacement Work?

If your product is not working at its best and no repairing is possible for it, then Geek Squad provides the replacement service for that device under its protection plan. The customer can bring the device to the Geek Squad store for its replacement. You can also call the customer care executive at 1800-433-5778 for the replacement of the device. Also, you need to submit the documents and the accessories of the product under replacement. The replacement process works as follows:

  • Firstly, call the agent or connect with the Geek Squad agent either online or offline.
  • Tell the agent about the device and the issue you are facing.
  • The agent will ask you to submit the device for diagnosis of the problem. If the product qualifies for replacement, the team will inform you.
  • After that, submit the documents of the device and the replacement protection plan.
  • After the approval, the agent will initiate the process and provide the new device to the customer.
Can you Add Geek Squad Plan After Purchase?

The customer can add or Geek Squad Protection plan after the purchase of the product. The maximum time for this is 14 days after the purchase. For most of the product purchases, you can add up the plan within 14 days. After that, you can enjoy unlimited services under your plan. To add the Geek Squad plan, either call the agent or connect on chat.

How does Geek Squad Protection work with your Manufacturer’s Warranty?

Geek Squad plans to cover all the services which are not included in the manufacturer’s warranty. So, apart from the manufacturer warranty services, it adds up more services to the plan and provides the best solutions to its customers without any hassle. If your device is not accepted for some terms and conditions under the manufacturer warranty, then Geek Squad Protection covers it all. The original manufacturer warranty covers the defects and services up to a certain limit and time frame. Whereas, Geek Squad Protection plans to extend your warranty by providing more services and increasing the warranty period depending on the device. Also, the company provides the facility to transfer the warranty services while gifting or selling your device to some other person.

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