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Geek Squad Cost

How Much Squad of Geek Cost


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In-store Services Pricing

Best buy Geek Squad
Computer and Tablet Setup$39.99
New Device Setup$39.99
Device Repair and Diagnostic$149.99
Damage Physical Repair$84.95 (parts extra)
Virus Removal$149.99

Data Recovery

Geek Tech Support
Level 1 (deleted files, reformatted drive)$200
Level 2 (corrupted files, drive imaging)$450
Level 2 Advanced (advanced hardware or firmware requirement)$550
Level 3 (device damaged physically, the cleanroom needed)$1450

How Much Does a Squad of Geek? Squad of Geek Pricing Policy – Affordable Geek Squad Prices

Geek Squad’s team of professionals entitle to deliver best-in-class services at affordable prices. You can book or demand any service for the products and devices that the company deals with. To enjoy these services within the least fares and under budget, you can apply for subscription plans depending on the products and services.

There are various plans that the Geek Squad offers and each follows a budget-able Geek Squad Pricing that suits the needs of the customers. Let us now discuss the pricing policies of various plans and services that Geek Squad provides to its customers.

Geek Squad Appointment

Squad of Geek Pricing Policy for Various Services

Apart from flexible services, Geek Squad also provides flexible policies to their customers so that they can handle their products with convenience. It provides setup, installation, protection, repair, replacement, and maintenance services for various products and devices. These pricing policies are customizable as per the requirements of the customers. Here is the list of Geek Squad Pricing:

How Do I Book a Geek Squad Appointment at Best Buy?

Geek Squad agents help you with the overall help and support services for all the devices at home, office, business, and organization. You can book the appointment either online or offline. Best Buy offers you a flexible and reliable way to demand the Geek Squad services. You can book your appointment by following ways below:

In-Home Services Pricing

Printer troubleshooting or Setup$79.99
Modem Setup$99.99
Device Repair and Diagnostic$149.99
Virus and Spyware Elimination$149.99
Wi-fi troubleshooting and Setup$99.99
Wireless camera installation$99.99
Wired Camera Installation$199.99

Remote Services Pricing

OS Tune-Up/Upgrade$39.99
Network Support and Setup$149.99
Software support and Setup$39.99
Operating System Protect and Repair$149.99
Device Diagnostic and Repair$149.99
Email Troubleshooting$99.99
Software Troubleshooting$99.99
Add Device to an Existing Network$39.99
Tutorial to Windows 10$19.99
Software Setup and Support$39.99
Printer Setup$39.99
Virus Removal$149.99

How Can You Avail Squad of Geek Pricing?

To know about the Geek Squad Pricing policies for your service or products, you can simply contact the expert agent by dialing the phone number. The Geek Squad toll-free phone number is 1 800 433 5778. Also, you can avail of it online, but it is quite difficult to get the entire details. The best option is to contact the customer care executive and discuss the policies and their related prices.

Apart from that, you can also book your appointment with the agent to discuss the pricing policies for your service. Also, you can directly visit the store nearby your place. There you can sit and talk with the agent and ask your queries about the policies. The agent will tell you about the best policy within your budget and also explain the pricing details for the same.

How Much Does It Cost For a Geek Squad?

Geek Squad offers the least expensive options for different services. It provides flexible support for the products and devices that you manage under your policy. Moreover, it provides budget options under its pricing plans. You can choose the one that suits you the best. The cost of one-time online support is approximately $69.99. Also, you can apply for a monthly subscription plan under the price of only $9.99, and an additional fee of $99.99 as the initial charges. In the case of a yearly subscription, you need to pay $219.87 for the first year. Also, in case of renewal of the yearly plan, you need to pay only $119.88 every year thereafter.

Geek Squad cost minimum charges for the tune-up services. It normally starts from $49.99. Also, for the repair and maintenance services, you can get the best possible Geek Squad Pricing services. These budget-friendly prices help a lot of customers to make their products run like new at affordable and low prices.

What is the Geek Squad Pricing for Different Devices

Geek Squad expert team offers unbeatable services at affordable prices. Its pricing policy is uniquely defined to suit the needs of every customer. It handles various devices including computing devices, networking devices, electronic and electrical products, outdoor devices, smart gadgets, and many more. Geek Squad Pricing for the services relating to various devices is stated below:

  • Computer Software Installation ($39.99 – $99.99)
  • Computers & Tablets programming and set up ($39.99 – $99.99)
  • Cameras & Camcorders ($99.99-$199.99)
  • Cell Phones and other telephone sets ($49.99)
  • Office automation ($99.99-$199.99)
  • Car Electronics ($99.99-$149.99)
  • Internet setup and security ($149.99)
  • Portable Audio systems ($99.99-$199.99)
  • Kitchen Setup ($99.99-$199.99)
  • Video Gaming console systems ($99.99-$149.99)
  • Setup help for your product ($59.99 – $99.99)
  • Smart Home systems ($99.99-$199.99)
  • TV & Home Theatre installation ($49.99 – $99.99)
  • Music System Setup and installation ($49.99)
  • Printer/refrigerator Installation ($49.99 to $99.99)

What does Geek Squad Charge Hourly?

Geek Squad charges a low price for the services, even if you apply for an hour’s service. The agent will provide a flexible option to apply for the service, whether in-store or in-home. It cost as low as $45 for an hourly service. Also, in case of some complicated services, it can cost as high as $60. These charges apply to the repairing solution of any computing device. For other devices, the cost may vary. Normally, it includes the service charges starting from $29.99 and the rest of it depends on the product and the complexity of the problem your device is facing.

How much does Geek Squad In-Home Support Cost?

Geek Squad provides a flexible solution to their customers to avail of their services at their homes. The agent will approach the site location for the service on the date and time chosen by the customer. For in-home services, the Geek Squad Pricing cost $49.99 for a service lasting a maximum of 90 minutes. You can contact the agent on 1 800 433 5778 to book the in-home service at an affordable cost. Moreover, you can get on-site services for any product or device that appears in the list of Geek Squad services.

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